Brisbane and the last couple of days in Oz

30.01.2012, minnie

After the trip to Kiwi land we had booked a hostel for 3 nights in Brisbane, but the time we actually could spend there was only one full day. Surprise surprise it was raining when we got there, and it was raining all the time, so I have to admit it did affect my image on Brisbane. We walked around and did some last minute souvenir shopping, and also went to the koala sanctuary to hold and pat them (as well as feeding kangaroos). Even if it was raining I felt happy as the whole time I had been in Oz I`ve wanted to hold a koala. And so I did, twice actually, as the first photos did not work out (I had red eyes, hahaha), but in the end the photographer had to manually fix the photo for me as I just kept having the red eyes so no worries. The koalas were so cute and I heard the second koala saying to me that she really liked me. I felt touched and whispered to her that I liked her too… (Ok sorry, I`m getting nuts again, gotta stop). Anyway, that’s pretty much what I did in Brisbane. No hard feelings though.

On 29th January 2012 we took the train from Brisbane to Sydney. It was 13 hours ride (which turn out to be 14 hours since it got delayed) and it was pretty boring trip. We arrived late at night to “home” and figured out that there had been a Chinese new year’s party. We ended up missing two good events; this one and also the Australia Day as our flight from Auckland to Brisbane was re-scheduled. But that’s all right, our moneys’ finished anyway.
Mr. A`s flight departed from Sydney on 30th in the afternoon, but before we said goodbye, we had to take the last drop of vitamin D into our bodies at Darling Harbour and eat some kangaroo and crocodile meat (now I have eaten both, cool!). I had to take care of couple of things, such as closing my local bank account, and in the evening I took a bus to travel to Lane Cove for the very last time to say goodbye to my Ozzy family, lovely O`Neils and Mr. Adams. I felt surreal the whole day, and in the end when I took the bus after saying goodbye to everyone, I started crying. I Can`t believe 5 months went that quickly..if only I had more time and money… Unbelievable! All the great adventures (and the not so great adventures) are buzzing in my head, all the faces of the people I got to know, pits and pieces from here and there… Good times!

I just want to thank all the great people who participated in my Oz&Kiwi adventures. For new friends: I will see you soon where ever that is as soon as possible, and to old friends and family: I will see you soon in Finland!

Special thanks to Ros, Carlos, Katherine, Kerry, Josh, Katherine & David, Nuss office in Sydney, and last but definitely not least: mum and dad! Without you this trip would not have been possible, so thank you so much for understanding (or at least trying to understand) me! Love you!

I will be posting my last writing from Finland, just updating how things go and how I feel about being back at home (assuming that I haven`t frozen to death…Imagine the difference between +35 degrees and -15 degrees, it’s going to be a total shock!). Anyway, talk to you soon, I`d better go to bed in order to fly tomorrow. Night!


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