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Quick updates from previous weeks in Sydney

05.01.2012, minnie

Here I am, once again trying to think what has happened during the last three weeks in my “hometown”. Oh man, so hard…

In work field I can say that doing both imports and exports, and being present in quarantine inspections, everything has given me more perspective for the work in Finland. I am really happy that this “job practice” was successful, and I made new contacts and friends. (Now I also know that if I ever happen to move here, I`m SO going to buy everything from here, importing stuff without any extra quarantine fees is almost impossible!) During my last day at work we had a small Kris Kringle (kind of Secret Santa present sharing), and it was really nice. (Oh, by the way, have to share couple of my new nicknames I`ve received here in Sydney: Min Min/ Min, Mini Me, Minnie mouse…) Good memories, good times… Anyway, appreciate the whole experience at Nuss office so much!

Just before Christmas Mr. A arrived, and we headed to Bondi Beach. We had a little misunderstanding about the prices (actually this hostel was booked by me and Heini originally, but that is a long story), but since we did not have other place to stay, we took it. Well, it was wrong decision! In the end we stayed for three nights, and went to stay in the city center. The hostel was full of cockroaches (not sure how this word is written, sorry), dust, dirt and lovely blood stains in curtains, wall and pillow. We complaint and made a claim, but it did not help… So I ended up losing about 1000 AUD from my travel budget, AUUUTCH 🙁 Christmas Eve we stayed in Bondi eating the world´s best pizza ever! (I know, really hard to believe that even living in Italy the best pizza is in a touristic trap Bondi, but I`m not kidding!), and for dessert some Finnish salmiakki (licorice). Christmas Day we went to Ros`s place to have X-Mas lunch with the family, and it was really nice! In the evening we went for a walk to see the Bondi X-Mas, and next day moved to the CBD hotel (again).

The holiday time here in Sydney has been nice. I`ve seen my friends, visited the touristic places with Mr. A (such as The Opera house, The Rocks, Paddy´s Market, Chinatown, Darling Harbor, The Sydney Eye Tower etc) and spent some time in the parks and on the beach like Manly and Bondi.

The New Year`s we went to the Circular Quay eight hours before the midnight to reserve seats. The place was already so packed that I couldn`t believe it! The time went by really slowly just by sitting on the ground from the afternoon until the midnight. (I might put some photos to facebook, so check it out). But I must say that the fireworks, especially shot from the Harbour Bridge, were amazing. I guess that was one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences. I`m glad that I don`t have to do that again! Lol

Tomorrow we are flying to Cairns, and the plan is to come down from there back to Sydney. When we stop in Brisbane we fly to Auckland and do a small North island tour, and fly back to Brisbane. Then taking the train from Brizzy to Sydney, and flying home on 31st of January, snif… Hopefully the cyclone in Cairns has gone, and the earth quakes in New Zealand stopped (this is one of the reasons we travel on in the North of NZ). I`ve had some bad luck with the weather, and after buying the air tickets to Cairns I heard there is a cyclone…Not nice at all! So keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us, I`m sure that we are going to have adventurous time (of course when it’s about me!) 🙂


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