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Brisbane and the last couple of days in Oz

30.01.2012, minnie

After the trip to Kiwi land we had booked a hostel for 3 nights in Brisbane, but the time we actually could spend there was only one full day. Surprise surprise it was raining when we got there, and it was raining all the time, so I have to admit it did affect my image …


Kiwi Experience

30.01.2012, minnie

We arrived to Auckland at night (12am) and went to bed straight away as next morning we had to wake up early. We had bought the Kiwi Experience bus ticket for the North Island, and our tour began by going to Te Whanganui A Hei (Cathedral Cove). In every destination we had different options for …


Cairns, Whitsundays and Noosa (Sunshine Coast)

21.01.2012, minnie

First impression after arriving into Cairns airport: HOT AND STICKY! The humidity was shocking after Sydney and the temperature was all the time +34 degrees. It was suppose to be raining (rain season), but we were extremely lucky and had sun everyday for the four days we spent there! Nice! (Although I kind of wished …


Quick updates from previous weeks in Sydney

05.01.2012, minnie

Here I am, once again trying to think what has happened during the last three weeks in my “hometown”. Oh man, so hard… In work field I can say that doing both imports and exports, and being present in quarantine inspections, everything has given me more perspective for the work in Finland. I am really …



04.12.2011, minnie

Today I have a little bit time for myself and my blog. I can`t believe all the things that have happened after posting my previous writing. Well, first of all, I stayed previous week at one of my colleagues home (lovely Catherine and David, her husband, both from Liverpool so the accent is..well, very Liverpoolish). …


Wazzup mates??

27.10.2011, minnie

It seems to be a hard work to update my blog, and after a while I have already forgotten at least half of the things I`ve been doing… but I try my best to describe days after arriving to Sydney. I booked 6 nights at Wakeup hostel. I got to know many nice people during …


Am I really on a joke mood?

10.10.2011, minnie

I don’t know, but I still want to share one with you guys! So: Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn`t peeling very well! Ahahaha, good one isn`t it? 🙂 Anyway, back in business. At the moment I am in Armidale like I told you. I travelled to here in excitement …


Yo Mates again!

04.10.2011, minnie

I thought this might actually be a good way to keep “a diary” for myself too, since now I have a huge urge to complain. After 2 nights at Tamworth Hotel (more like a motel in my opinion) I decided to come back to YHA Youth Hostel to spend some time with other travelers. In …



01.10.2011, minnie

First of all, I want to apologize for not updating my blog. After last writing there has been so many things happening even though it has been just a bit more than two weeks. Now when I am writing this, I am sitting in a cafe and waiting my train to leave, as I have …


The adventure finally begun..

11.09.2011, minnie

We met with Heini at the airport on Tuesday 6th. The flight to Milan was ok and steady, but after arriving to Milan airport, I have to admit that it would have been much easier to just stay in Italy…Anyway, the connection flight to Hong Kong was delayed with 5 hours and almost every other …


Final Countdown..3..2..1..

05.09.2011, minnie

so folks, this is it, tomorrow the adventure starts.. I`m still a bit sick, but what you gonna do, just have to bare with it! I am not quite yet understanding this situation, but surely tomorrow morning when we meet with my mate Heini, jeah! I would like to thank my super lovely ”Hostel Kontula” …


We should be in Hong Kong now…

04.09.2011, minnie

but we are not. Thanks to my ”good luck”, I`ve got temperature and quite bad flu, so we decided to change the flight dates with couple of days as my infection values were high. So now I`m hoping to get better before Tuesday… Hopefully the flights go well and we find our hostel and ”local” …


30 days until departure..

03.08.2011, minnie

Just entering into the exciting world of blogging..Does this really work?? Today August 3rd, I realized it is only 30 days until the airplane leaves from Helsinki to Hong Kong and final destination Sydney, Jaiiks! (Or at least it should leave, if there is not any strikes). Feeling nervous and excited as there is so much …