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04.12.2011, minnie

Today I have a little bit time for myself and my blog. I can`t believe all the things that have happened after posting my previous writing. Well, first of all, I stayed previous week at one of my colleagues home (lovely Catherine and David, her husband, both from Liverpool so the accent is..well, very Liverpoolish). How I ended up there? Long story made short: I got nasty head lice and bed bugs etc that were very unpleasant and for some reason didn`t want to go away. After telling this situation to several people the reaction was that we need to fumigate the whole apartment since some of my flat mates had also symptoms, and because we were so many of us in a small apartment, we would never be cured if the place hadn`t been fumigated. Well, the selfish piece of s**t (also known as our landlord, who actually was the one who brought the head lice to the apartment, and who illegally collected huge amount of money straight to his pocket from us) said that he doesn`t have the money to do the fumigation. I was advised by my colleagues that if he doesn`t want to do it, I should call the Health Department, which basically meant that everyone should leave the apartment and the landlord would get huge ticket. When I told him this, he wasn`t happy and we ended up arguing (and he started to get violent too). Anyway, he wanted to through me out like the Brazilian girl he did the previous week, but I managed to keep my Finnish Sisu with me and I stayed for the night. Next morning I packed my stuff and called one of my new contacts (colleagues daughters one of the best friends, Josh). He came to help me with the luggage, and also made sure I get my bond back. And that was it, I was free, and it was definitely the right decision, since I started to feel better and got cured finally. Before leaving the building I told to the front desk that there are illegally living 10 people in a small 3 bedroom apartment, and I really hope that the landlord will get what he deserves! Before this happened there were several different problems to deal with, and I guess this was the last drop, so to say. Now I am not sure which ones of the people still live there, but all of us girls have left.

The first three nights I stayed in 4 star hotel in World Square (which was pretty nice), and the next 6 nights in a motel near Central station, because all the hostels and Hotels were fully booked. Surprisingly the peak season had already started, so really difficult to find a room. Luckily Catherine offered me one weeks accommodation and company, and after that I came to stay at Ros (one of my colleagues) for the rest of the time I`m working in Sydney. Even thought I have been full of anger for certain people, I am still glad to find out that against 1 bad person there are 10 nice and helpful people, so I have been blessed to meet all these nice people too.

So what else I`ve been doing…Mmm. We celebrated Halloween (I didn`t wear a costume) and went to Side Bar with friends. It was fun evening, although me and Danni were so tired after waking up really early and walking the whole day in Blue Mountains (which were absolutely beautiful!!). It is called “Blue Mountains” because the mist that eucalyptus trees releases looks actually blue, so the reflection was beautiful. Again, in this national park amazing views, and nice walking paths, easy to spend the whole day there. On November 1st we celebrated the Melbourne Cup which is a huge horse racing event. We bet with my flat mates, and I put one bet of my own (after careful studies of Jockeys weight, how horses have been doing in previous races etc). We went to the pub to see the race, and I can tell you that it has been a long time since I was that nervous! My horse was leading the whole time, except the last 200 m it got tired! It was so close (I really would have needed that money!)! Oh well, next time I guess.

My work started on November 7th. There are many new things to learn, but everyone is really nice, so I like going to work (although have to admit that after being on a holiday, waking up at 6am is quite hard..). But I`m learning new all the time, so it’s nice, and I really need that money too 🙂 So after the first week at work the weekend was horrible with all this apartment things, so I have been just organizing everything again and again. Now living with Ros I have had a bit time to settle down, so to say. She is lovely “local mum” to me, taking care and keeping company by talking all the time 😉 She is 64 years old, very active lady, and she only sleeps 3 hours per night (honestly, I’m not kidding!). So I have been with very little sleep, and starting to get sick..but I try to hang in here for the next 3 weeks, and then I’m just going to sleep X-Mas time, lol.

2 weeks ago I went to have a colonic irrigation, because my stomach problems started again. I had to be on a detox diet before and now after the session. The session itself was very unpleasant and hurt (for normal people it’s just unpleasant but doesn’t hurt), but I do feel less bloated and a bit better after having it done. I think when I return to Finland, I will do it again, since here it is a bit difficult to follow the detox because I do not have blenders to make the smoothies etc. Anyway, little by little I keep going back to normal diet.

Let’s see what else I have been doing.. (This is horrible, if you don’t write it down immediately, you forget). Oh yes, we had our works Christmas Barbie in Galston national park. Luckily it was very beautiful day, sunny and approx. 30 degrees. I went there with Josh, and we all had a good time. After the Barbie I went to see ice hockey again with Nadine and the children (Josh’s brother’s girlfriend and the children). Then I went to the movies, had a mani+pedicure, went jogging couple of times, general hanging out etc. But the most amazing thing happened when I randomly spotted a street with my name! Minna St in Burwood, how amazing is that??! I believe this is a sign, and I have to move here 😉 Anyway, I feel really lazy trying to think all the things I`ve done (sorry about that), so I finish this time. Next time I try to be more active!


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