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Wazzup mates??

27.10.2011, minnie

It seems to be a hard work to update my blog, and after a while I have already forgotten at least half of the things I`ve been doing… but I try my best to describe days after arriving to Sydney.

I booked 6 nights at Wakeup hostel. I got to know many nice people during this time, for example 2 Finnish sisters,1 Norwegian girl,1 Canadian girl, 2 Dutch girls and 1 local guy. The week consisted pretty much of the following things: either hanging out in the city or going to the beach, afternoon searching for rental rooms, and evenings having dinner with friends and going to SideBar (downstairs of Wakeup). In total I went to see 3 rental places, but none of them where really what I was looking for… In the end I decided to take one of them (where I am staying right now); a small apartment at the 20th floor, with nice view, own swimming pool & sauna & gym downstairs. Negative sides? I live with 9 other people, and in my room there are two other girls (who are very nice, but privacy doesn’t really exist). The location is perfect; right next to the main street and Central station, so I can pretty much walk everywhere. So far all the roomies are very nice and I have been hanging out with them quite much, but soon two of the guys will leave the apartment since they don’t like it here. If people keep changing all the time, it doesn’t really make the place to feel like home, but I guess it’s normal in places like this. I have thought about the fact still trying to search my own room, but at the moment I feel very tired to change the place all the time. And it would be only 2 months that I still need to stay in Sydney center… So will see what happens, keep your thumbs up!

Anyway, during the week I also met my friend Vicky from Armidale (we did tree planting together), and it was nice to see her. After moving in the apartment I have been using the gym, pool and sauna quite often. Feels good to do some exercise after a loooong time, got to get the signs of too many cupcakes away (although I still can’t resist these sweets here, but thanks to the gym I`ll gain maximum 10kgs here). 🙂

Now second week at the apartment has started, and we have been partying/having drinks with friends, enjoying the weather that gets better all the time, and just general hanging out/dinners. We also went to the harbor to see the Rugby finals from big screens, and the atmosphere was great (but not as great as in Finland when we won the World Championship in ice hockey and floorball!!) I think it would have been better if Australia was in finals, but this time France and New Zealand were rivals, and Kiwies won (luckily!). Lol. It’s all good.

Yesterday I went to the Taronga Zoo with one old and one new friend, and it was fun time! We saw Australian birds, kangaroos, reptiles, seals, lions, crocodiles, wombats, koalas, Tasmanian Devils and platypus (just to mention few of them). The Zoo was huge and there was also beautiful view to the Sydney harbor and Opera House. Worth of going!
Next week I am going to introduce myself at the work place to my new colleagues in Nuss office, and I feel really nervous. Hopefully it goes well!
I still have many things I have to do in Sydney before changing the city, such as skydiving (not sure if I have the guts to do it!), taking surfing lessons, go to the Blue Mountains, sunbathing in Avalon and Manly Beach, going to the Salsa Latin nights at the harbor, and see Sydney from the Tower. My money is just running out, and that’s why I am looking forward to start working again..

Well, this was it for now, until next time!


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