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Yo Mates again!

04.10.2011, minnie

I thought this might actually be a good way to keep “a diary” for myself too, since now I have a huge urge to complain. After 2 nights at Tamworth Hotel (more like a motel in my opinion) I decided to come back to YHA Youth Hostel to spend some time with other travelers. In my room there was two nice girls; Catrina (Danish) and Suzie (German), who took me friendly in their Danish dinner together with other nice travelers. It was nice to hang around in international atmosphere and to just talk about everything (even silly girl talks like “I think Wenthworth Miller is so cute, ihihi). When you are outback or even in very small towns only with your employers (who usually are much older than you), there appears to be need to be with people who are approx. the same age as you are. After having rather depressing start in Tamworth Hotel, it felt nice to be noticed. Immediately when arriving into the hostel, there was one guy who asked if I want some breakfast since he was doing some bacon and eggs, and he also offered to ask one of his mates if they have any apple picking jobs for me (which I kind of hoped they wouldn`t). So I felt more relaxed and comfortable immediately because of these helpful and kind people being around.

I started to get desperate with the work search. There were couple of places with horse work that could have taken me in for only 2 weeks, but they weren`t paid positions, and there wasn`t even free days/week, so I decided that this time I am not going to starve and exhaust my body to the extreme if it wasn`t paid. So I called couple of other places too, that are (or this latter one was) known for Wwoofing (Willing workers on organic farms). The basic idea is that you get accommodation + food, and for exchange you have to work 4-6 hours/day. Normally the contact details for these farms are only given to members (which I am not yet), but I still had 3 phone numbers to call. First one didn`t answer after many tries, and the second one was so popular that it was full of workers. So the last number I called was “a goal”. This older man in Armidale, NSW, used to have the Wwoofing, but not anymore. However, he offered to take me in and show me places if I wanted to come for 1-2weeks, and he would give me food and place to sleep in exchange if I help him around the house and farming. So I decided to take the offer and this way to save at least one weeks rent and food money. I am a bit nervous, since this man does not belong to the organization anymore, and I do not have any other travelers around, so who knows what kind of crazy man he is… But sometimes you just have to take risks in life, and hopefully this turns out to be a good risk! Keep your fingers crossed please. So tomorrow I am taking the train from Tamworth to Armidale (2 hours), and after 1-2weeks I will return to Sydney to search for rental rooms for November and December. I thought the possibility to travel in between to see for example Melbourne/Brisbane/Canberra, but unfortunately I am running out of money already, and to travel by bus/train, it takes at least 21-31 hours, so I want to have more time to stay in one city than just pass by quickly. Besides, in Sydney (and surroundings) are plenty of things to do, so I might have time to go and see the Blue Mountains that are 2 hours from Sydney CBD, and maybe even visit the Taronga Zoo among other attractions. Anyway, let’s take one day at a time, and see what happens…

The reason why I wanted to complain was that I just cooked a pasta dish some hours ago, and put the rest of it in fridge for tomorrow, so I wouldn`t have to buy anymore food and this way to save again a bit. Suddenly I had this weird feeling that I should check the fridge just in case that my food is on its place (because everybody in this hostel can use common kitchen and fridge if they put own name labels on the food). And what a surprise; my food had been eaten!!! This is already the second time my food has been taken/used even if my name is written clearly, and I spoke with one Asian girl, who told this happened to her friend today too. How come somebody can be so unethical, selfish and childish that just has the nerve to eat other people’s food??!! I was so angry that I wished I would have caught him (I am 100% sure it was a male) in action… But there is nothing I can do anymore, than to go tomorrow and buy food again. I just hope my 3 yoghurts will stay there, will see tomorrow. Anyway, thank you for listening and sharing this frustration with me, I hope the next weeks are good and adventurous! 🙂

Until next time!
xxx Minnie


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